Yupo Corporation America Wins National Design Award

Synthetic paper manufacturer Yupo Corporation America, Chesapeake, Virginia, was recognized by Graphic Design USA (GDUSA), the New York-based graphic arts industry magazine, with a national industry award for design creativity and technical printing excellence. The American Graphic Design Awards™ recognizes outstanding work of all kinds across all media.

Yupo received the 2019 award for its branded 2020 desk calendar. Gordon Kay, editor and publisher of GDUSA, said roughly 10,000 entries were submitted, yet after a highly selective process, less than 10% were recognized as award winners. Given annually to clients, vendors, suppliers and friends as a holiday gift, Yupo’s calendar is known for its use of striking illustrations and eye-popping photography enhanced by textured applications, finishes and print processes.

For more information, visit www.yupousa.com.