Kongsberg Digital Finishing Transforms into Standalone Business

Kongsberg, a provider of digital cutting solutions with US headquarters in Miamisburg, Ohio, entered a new era on April 6, 2021, transforming into a standalone company, Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems (“Kongsberg PCS”). The transformation follows the acquisition of the business by OpenGate Capital.

The transformation of Kongsberg PCS brings with it the opportunity to innovate and expand the business into new markets. This marks a new chapter for Kongsberg PCS, a brand with a rich heritage spanning more than half a century.

Stuart Fox, president of Kongsberg PCS, stated that it is truly an exciting day for everyone at the company. Since 1965, the Kongsberg name has been synonymous with innovation, delivering precision, reliability and quality through seven decades. Following the acquisition by OpenGate Capital, the company now will focus on its future, and the next generation innovation and growth.

Founded in Norway in 1965, Kongsberg was purchased by Esko (then Barco) in 1998. In December 2020, Esko agreed to the sale of Kongsberg to private equity firm OpenGate Capital. The acquisition includes the original research and development facility in Kongsberg, Norway, and the production facility in Brno, Czech Republic.

Fox stated that this is an opportunity for the Kongsberg team to realize its ambitions, and to explore new markets. The company will be developing strategic initiatives to further innovate its digital finishing hardware and software solutions, as well as growing the Kongsberg brand beyond the packaging industry.

Fox noted that whilst the company is excited about the future, it also is committed to ensuring that it honors its heritage. It has a team of 400 people, many of whom have been a part of the Kongsberg family for more than 30 years. The Kongsberg values that are important to its customers – strength, performance, longevity of the machine – will endure.

Fox stated that sales, service, consumables and spare parts will all continue as usual. Customers will receive the same level of service during the transition and they can look forward to business as usual throughout 2021. The company will continue investing in its table technology, and in the coming months it will be showcasing the latest developments with its automation solutions.

For more information, visit www.kongsbergsystems.com.