POLAR Celebrates 115 Years

In 2021, POLAR-Mohr Maschinenvertriebsgesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG, Hofheim, Germany, a maker of guillotines, paper cutting machines, diecutting machines and joggers, is celebrating a special anniversary: 115 years.

Founded in 1906, POLAR has risen from a regional manufacturer to a global presence in the field of cutting and die-cutting. The success of the company is based, among other things, on its many innovative solutions. Today, POLAR is synonymous with durable, precise and modern cutting machines. In addition to high-speed cutters, the product portfolio includes components and systems used to optimize cutting and diecutting processes. This includes network integration and efficiency-enhancing automation concepts.

Throughout the anniversary year, POLAR will present and introduce such products as the AirGo Jog, which automates the loading and jogging process.

The company extends an anniversary offer for orders from now up to and including October 2021. When purchasing a POLAR high-speed cutter of the N PRO HD model with a cutting width of 78 to 176, customers will receive the POLAR Compucut Control software free of charge. With Compucut®, it is possible to create cutting programs outside the high-speed cutter. Compucut® uses prepress data (CIP 3/4) to create cutting programs automatically and transfers these either directly to network-capable cutting machines or to the external cutting program administration (ESPV). Every cutting machine integrated into the network can access the cutting programs stored in the external cutting program administration. An optional barcode scanner makes it possible to automatically load the assigned cutting program.

All POLAR high-speed cutters will be delivered with the anniversary badge until the end of the year.

For more information about the offer, visit www.polar-mohr.com/115Years. The anniversary is being celebrated in the online shop (www.mohr-shop.com) with special offers. For example, customers receive a discount of 11.5% on all orders throughout June.

For more information, visit www.polar-mohr.com.