Scodix Announces 2021 Design Awards Recipients

Scodix, Rosh Ha’Ayin, Israel, has unveiled the winners of the Scodix 2021 Design Awards for digitally enhanced print. A panel of judges selected winners based on design quality, application excellence and specialty of the print. The full list of winners are as follows:

Award: General Commercial Print (GCP), First Place
Company: Haxan (Hakusan Printing)
Country: Japan
Job: Clear Bookmark

Award: General Commercial Print (GCP), Second Place
Company: Printonica Sri Sivarama Digital Press
Country: India
Job: Wedding Collection Photo Set

Award: General Commercial Print (GCP), Honorable Mention
Company: J Point
Country: Bulgaria
Job: Christmas Card Collection

Award: Folding Carton/Packaging, First Place
Company: Shenzhen Wancai Smart Packaging
Country: China
Job: Hi-end Spirit Box

Award: Folding Carton/Packaging, Second Place
Company: CZK
Country: Poland
Job: Green Idea Brand Series

Award: Folding Carton/Packaging, Honorable Mention
Company: Germany S.A.C.I.A.G.
Country: Paraguay
Job: CannaFusion

Award: Publishing, First Place
Company: Estermann GmbH
Country: Austria
Job: Leolo Der Oktopus in Braille

Award: Publishing, Second Place
Company: Haxan (Hakusan Printing)
Country: Japan
Job: Shadow and Light Catalog Set

Award: Publishing, Honorable Mention
Company: Bennett Graphics
Country: United States
Job: Plugged In Magazine

Award: Self-Promotion Print, First Place
Company: Dfus Omanim
Country: Israel
Job: New Year Holiday Gift

Award: Self-Promotion Print, Second Place
Company: LPI – Letterhead Press
Country: United States
Job: Look and Feel Enhancement Collection

Award: Self-Promotion Print, Honorable Mention
Company: The Anstadt Company
Country: United States
Job: Win Big Promotion

Award: Technology, First Place
Company: Haxan (Hakusan Printing)
Country: Japan
Job: Kanamono Art Deep Sea

Award: Technology, Second Place
Company: Traffic GmbH
Country: Germany
Job: Reversed Foil Electric Card

Award: Technology, Honorable Mention
Company: Haxan (Hakusan Printing)
Country: Japan
Job: 2021 Desktop Calendar

The winning submissions, as well as many of the other competing entries, will be displayed online, at industry events and Scodix-sponsored activities.

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