A New Logo and Extended Brand Strategy for Channeled Resources Group

Press release submitted on behalf of Channeled Resources Group

Channeled Resources Group (CRG), an industry-leading manufacturer of release liners, blank shipping labels and pressure-sensitive roll label stock, as well as one of the world’s largest suppliers of reprocessed, coated, treated, and laminated papers and films, recently unveiled the company’s new logo as part of an extended brand strategy. This move symbolizes the company’s unwavering commitment to first-quality manufacturing.

Since its inception in 1978, CRG has transformed and adapted to meet the needs of the industry. Starting as a company purchasing and processing paper fibers, CRG became a world leader by the late 1980s, creating alternatives to landfills and incineration for non-recyclables, specifically focusing on pressure-sensitive adhesive laminates and silicone-coated release liners.

With facilities in Chicago, Wisconsin, and Ontario, CRG has evolved into a state-of-the-art release liner and pressure sensitive label material manufacturer. Earlier this summer, they announced the addition of a new coater at their Marathon, WI facility, which more than doubles their release liner capacity and will allow them to offer tailored solutions to more customers in the tape, envelope, industrial, medical, automotive, and construction industries.

CRG’s mission remains steadfast: to deliver reliable, versatile, and cost-effective products that adhere to the highest standards of quality. The new logo captures the essence of this mission, symbolizing a renewed dedication to exceptional customer service, support, and the innovative spirit that has driven CRG for over four decades.

CRG President Cindy White shared, “This new logo represents our commitment to evolving as the needs of our customers and the industries we serve evolve. With the third generation of our family now deeply involved in the company, it was the ideal time to update the brand image with a more sophisticated and modern feel. It’s a testament to our journey, our values, and our vision for the future. ”