BOBST Boosts Digital-Age Manufacturing on VISIONFOLD and NOVAFOLD

True to its vision to advance sector-wide connectivity and digitalization, Mex, Switzerland-based BOBST has enhanced its middle-range folder-gluers with the implementation of the SPHERE machine interface. Combined with improved ergonomics, both machines take a decisive step into the future of folding-gluing. This evolution allows folding carton converters to further optimize the production workflow and enable efficient data flow between physical equipment and digital solutions.

With regular improvements and innovations in their folder-gluer line, BOBST goes forward to offer the best possible solutions to converters in the folding carton industry. In 2022, the brand-new NOVAFOLD 50 l 80 l 110 was introduced, featuring the blank aligner and 4&6-corner device. Offering speeds of up to 300 m/min and up to 18,000 4-and 6-corner boxes per hour, the launch of this versatile folder-gluer has been a resounding success.

The equally modular all-rounder, the VISIONFOLD 50 l 80 l 110, is available as a motorized version and can be run with speeds of up to 350 m/min, producing up to 22,000 4-and 6-corner boxes per hour.

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