Nobelus Introduces Embossing Thermal Laminator

Nobeulus, a supplier of thermal laminating systems, thermal laminates and unsupported films, is adding a new Komfi® laminator to its equipment lineup. The Amiga 52 Emboss is a production laminator that combines the high-quality performance of Komfi systems with the ability to perform in-line embossing on demand. Standard embossing patterns include leather, linen and SHR™ (short for silver halide replacement). The SHR pattern enables photofinishers to give digitally printed photographs the look and feel of traditional silver halide prints at a fraction of the cost.

Like other thermal laminators in the Amiga 52 series, the Amiga 52 Emboss boasts a range of automated features, such as nip pressure activation, bursting sheet separation and sheet-overlap control. Its accessible control panel enables operators to pre-program settings for similar runs to reduce setup and maximize efficiency. To ensure each finished sheet is laminated properly, this unit includes misfeeding and temperature-drop detection features.

The Amiga 52 Emboss can be used to laminate and emboss a variety of applications, from digital photos and book covers to business cards and brochures. “Owners of this machine can even create custom emboss patterns to help provide brands with a unique identity,” said Dawn Hudock, equipment product manager at Nobelus. It is compatible with BOPP laminates as well as thin PET and nylon films. Optional features include a Sleeking® module for variable-data foiling, an automatic stacker or jogging table, and additional on-roll film perforators and slitters.

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