Hampden Press Signs for a Scodix Ultra 2500 SHD

Press release submitted on behalf of Scodix. 

Scodix, Saddle Brook, New Jersey, the leading provider of digital print enhancement solutions for the graphic arts industry, announces today the sale of a Scodix Ultra 2500 SHD digital enhancement press to Hampden Press, a premier full-service printing company, in Denver, Colorado.

Launched just over a month ago, the Scodix Ultra 2500 SHD Digital Enhancement Press will bring a range of new applications to Hampden Press, including the ability to print on uncoated paper, using Scodix’s latest-release MLE technology, a highly sought-after feature in Colorado’s environmentally conscious market. This aligns perfectly with Hampden Press’s commitment to sustainability and staying ahead of industry trends. The platform will also provide Hampden with extra capacity to handle last-minute projects.

“We feel that Scodix is a differentiator in the commercial print market,” states Matt Blue, President of Hampden Press. “The ability to embellish non-treated, uncoated stocks is a testament to how far ahead the versatility and productivity of the technology is, and how it adds substantial value. That’s why we’re so pleased to sign this deal at drupa today.”

Founded in 1977, Hampden Press is a privately-owned company specializing in digital, offset, and large format printing solutions. Renowned for producing high-quality marketing collateral, including variable data direct mail programs, Hampden Press has built a reputation for excellence and innovation in the printing industry.

“We believe having the first Scodix in Colorado will be an advantage,” adds Blue, “Digital embellishments are going to be a game-changer for products like art prints, posters and book covers. We are also looking forward to developing art-related products with our e-commerce partners.”

About Scodix
Scodix Ltd. is the world leader in digital embellishments. With a proven and successful customer base exceeding 400 across the globe, Scodix has shaped the advancement of the digital enhancement industry since its inception in 2007.

The Scodix Ultra series of presses offer 16 embellishment applications from a single platform.

With certifications for recyclable, repulpable and minimal environment impact, Scodix presses elevate the sustainability standards for printers and converters through verified results and accreditations.

The Scodix Ultra series offers precision embellishments across industries from commercial print, web-to-print, publishing and folding carton packaging. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Scodix continues to prove the way for the future of embellishments. For more information, visit www.Scodix.com