IMPACK to Launch Industry 4.0 Automation Platform

Press release submitted on behalf of IMPACK.

IMPACK, Saint Jacques, Quebec, Canada has launched its Industry 4.0 Automation Platform at Drupa 2024.

During the upcoming 2024 Drupa exposition, IMPACK was pleased to unveil an automation platform. This platform sets a new standard in operational efficiency for the complete IMPACK product portfolio including the GenieCut In-line Window Patcher, MFA Batch Inverter, Virtuo Automatic Packer, Everio Automatic Stacker, and the INTRO batch counter.  It has been designed with care to meet the industry’s best practices and follows recognized industry standards like Pack ML, PLC open and ISO 81346.

The automation platform was designed with the challenges of our clients in mind and addresses the needs of operators, maintenance personnel and plant managers. These challenges include workforce shortages, higher cost of operation and the need for flexibility in order to maintain productivity on shorter runs. The license-free platform equipped with a rich tool set is designed to reduce unplanned downtime and increase efficiency.

We carefully analyzed the needs of various stakeholders interacting with the machine to enhance the user experience with our redesigned user interface” Frédéric Boyadjian, Head of Automation at IMPACK, explains. “Our new framework gives our clients flexibility within a standardized environment. The UI provides intuitive access to a rich tool set and comprehensive data that meet the needs of modern packaging producers.”

For Operators:
The new platform offers an intuitive, straightforward user interface and a uniform user experience across all of the machines, accelerating training and onboarding. Operators can work on multiple machines with a minimal learning curve, thanks to quick access to commonly used functions and a logical organized toolset. The UI includes on-screen indicators for set-up guidance and clear, actionable alerts for troubleshooting.

Maintenance Personnel:
Enhanced with Industry 4.0 capabilities, the IMPACK automation platform incorporates diagnostic tools accessible directly through the user interface. An internet connection allows skilled IMPACK technicians to assist maintenance personnel in quickly identifying and resolving issues.

Production Managers:
The platform is designed to empower production managers with easy access to comprehensive data and performance metrics. This visibility into production and line efficiency can be segmented by day or shift, with the option to synchronize logs with the client’s database. This integration allows managers to use detailed data to drive operational improvements, as well as leverage data for business development opportunities.

IMPACK recently shipped the first machine equipped with the new automation platform – an INTRO Batch Counter. The automation application is already fully featured but will continue to gain additional functionality in the coming months.

This comprehensive tool will give box packaging producers the ability to deliver high quality products at a profitable price point. This automation platform will consolidate our position as a leader in the folder-gluer peripheral solutions enabling us to offer exponentially growing combinations of machines and optional modules.

IMPACK is an engineering company that designs and manufactures folder-gluer peripherals for folding carton and corrugated box packaging producers. Our comprehensive product range includes in-line window patchers, pre-feeders, box turners, packers, stackers, batch inverters, as well as counting and separating modules. Our collaborative approach ensures that our clients get tailored solutions that eliminate bottlenecks and optimize workflows.

With over 20 years of experience analyzing packaging production workflows and methods, our machines are meticulously engineered based on insights gained from thousands of client interactions. We design solutions that help operators and packers to work more ergonomically and efficiently so that they can increase folder-gluer speed and ultimately production capacity.

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