Taktiful Launches New Software Company

Press release submitted by Taktiful Software Solutions

Taktiful Software Solutions, the future leading software provider in the print embellishment space, today announced its official launch. Founded by an experienced team with a rich history in the digital print embellishment industry, Taktiful Software Solutions is set to transform the sector by enhancing productivity, profitability, and creativity across the industry.

Addressing the long-standing inefficiencies in estimating and pricing, complex design processes, and the lack of market data, Taktiful introduces a suite of innovative products designed to solve the critical challenges faced by printers and original equipment manufacturers (OEM)s alike.

Kevin Abergel, Founder & CEO of Taktiful Software Solutions, expressed his enthusiasm for the launch, stating, “Our journey began with a deep understanding of the pain points within the print embellishment industry. With Taktiful Software Solutions, we are not just offering tools; we provide an integrated platform designed to empower our users with the capability to excel and drive market adoption for digital print embellishments.”

Co-founder Carlo Ruas commented on the launch, “We’re not just creating software; we’re crafting a new narrative for the print embellishment sector. Our tools are built to empower, our technology primed to innovate. With Taktiful Software Solutions, we envision a world where the beauty of print and the precision of technology coalesce to create unprecedented value for our clients.”

The company will release their first three SaaS products by Drupa 2024, being held from 28 May to 7 June 2024 at Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre in Germany.

  • Taktify: A cloud based AI-powered estimating and pricing software platform that provides the exact costs of production as well as the estimated market value for embellished print based on variables including job complexity, applications, zip codes, industry verticals and more.
  • Reaktor: A cloud based art file visualizer that lets you proof and experiment with different embellishment effects in a virtual 3D environment, allowing users to streamline their print embellishment proofing and sales.
  • Kreator: A cloud based generative AI tool that allows users to quickly and efficiently design embellishment masks for their print files using Taktiful’s proprietary training data.

Following successful beta trials, Taktiful Software Solutions is poised for rapid growth, with an ambitious and disruptive product roadmap to usher in a new era for embellished print. The company’s strategic approach leverages the latest technologies to fill critical gaps in the market, promising to deliver unprecedented value to its clients.

With its official launch, Taktiful Software Solutions invites industry professionals, potential clients, and investors to explore the possibilities of digital print embellishment. The team is committed to continual innovation and ensuring that Taktiful remains at the forefront of the industry’s evolution.

For more information about Taktiful Software Solutions and its offerings, please visit www.taktiful.ai.