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Sensors are no longer enough for monitoring complex products with a multitude of glue lines and other characteristics that must be checked. As part of the Xtend³ pattern control and verification system, Xcam camera technology monitors not only dispensed glue, but also multiple glue lines, folds, flap lengths, label position, bar codes, matrix codes, printed patterns, blank sheets, window film and more. Thanks to live camera images, the system not only outputs Go/No-Go information about a product, but in many cases identifies an error. Xcam monitors live images that can track emerging faults, making it possible to correct a problem before it causes a quality issue, and allowing you to increase machine uptime and reduce product waste. The Xcam system visualizes the gluing process, giving the operator control of the product’s quality. The intuitive user interface provides easy setup and fast changeovers, adding value to your manufacturing processes.                     937.886.3160