Company Creates Business Card Too Beautiful for the Rolodex

By Liz Stevens, writer, PostPress

On Line Bindery, Richmond, California, earned the gold for Best Use of Foil/Embossing – Business Card/Stationery in the 30th Annual FSEA Gold Leaf Awards with the design and production of an outstanding business card. On Line’s triplex mounted card with foil and laser cutting was created with a three-layer card, with laser cut text in the top layer which revealed foil in the middle layer, backed by a solid bottom layer. The company used BOBST and Trotec Laser equipment for the project, along with foil/embossing dies from Universal Engraving, Inc., and foil from Great Western Foils.

The company tackled this project to update its business cards with a fresh, new look that would grab the attention of existing customers and prompt prospective clients to connect with the company to create their own attention-grabbing print products. On Line wanted to demonstrate its creativity and versatility. “We are in the business of enhancing printing,” said Steve Wignall, manager of the coating, laminating and mounting departments at On Line. “If we can’t do something interesting for our own use, we need to reevaluate our purpose in the industry.”

Wignall described how the design for the business card morphed as the project unfolded. “The design evolved from a single duplexed card to a triplex,” Wignall said, “and then to laser cut, and finally to a design with numerous foil colors stamped on one of the layers to show through the laser-cut company name.”

With this project, On Line was able to showcase the high quality of its new laser. “We recently had installed a Trotec laser for cutting and engraving work,” Wignall said, “so this seemed like a good time to put it to work if we could incorporate the laser capability into our business card.”

Wignall said the challenge involved with laser cutting is trying to achieve precise cutting without leaving any burn marks. On Line finds that some substrates work well for this while others can be problematic. “With the substrate for our business card, our laser operator rose to the challenge,” he said, “and was able to make the design work even though it was not a particularly laser-friendly duplexed stock.”

Feedback from customers and prospective clients has been overwhelmingly positive. “Our motto is ‘go big or go home,’” Wignall said, “and this card fits our motto. It has been well received by customers and others in the industry.” Numerous customers have asked On Line to make similar cards for their companies. “Everyone we hand it to instantly makes reference to the thickness and loves the tactile feeling,” Wignall said. “One of our customers who produces business cards told us, ‘This is the nicest business card I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot!’”

The company received high praise from one of its foil suppliers, Great Western Foils, Inc. Great Western Foils’ national sales manager, Brian Bowland, wrote in an email, “The On Line Bindery business cards are a great representation of what it can offer to customers. It’s amazing to see how printing, foiling, laser diecutting and gluing and pasting all work very well on this little piece of paper.” Bowland noted how the business card design brought to mind a favorite 2014 YouTube video. “The video is called ‘Your business card sucks!’” Bowland recalled. “The presenter talks about how cheap cards are totally worthless, and he is right. The On Line business card is exactly what he is talking about. It is beautiful, it shows off what you On Line offer, and it is the kind of card that does NOT go into a rolodex. It’s too beautiful.”