Coyne Graphic Finishing Announces New Equipment

Coyne Graphic Finishing, Inc., Mount Vernon, Ohio, announced the addition of a Signature Premier 110 folder-gluer to its finishing capabilities.

The Signature Premier offers customers a variety of paper board folding options including straight line, lock bottom, and 4 and 6 corner. It is highly versatile and capable of handling small cartons with a minimum width of 2.25” and large cartons up to 44” wide. The Premier runs at speeds up to 425 meters per minute, handling small and large quantities of cartons at high speeds with ease. This machine features a Baumer hhs gluing system for added project opportunities.

With the addition of the Signature Premier to the finishing operations, Coyne’s customers will enjoy the benefits of increased efficiency and cost savings with the ability to perform the folding and gluing portion of projects in-house.

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