Michael Makin to Depart PRINTING United Alliance

PRINTING United Alliance, Fairfax, Virginia, the merger between Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) and Printing Industries of America (PIA), has announced that Michael Makin, who was serving as executive vice president since the merger of SGIA and PIA, will depart Jan. 1 after a successful transition of the combined organizations. As former president and CEO of PIA, Makin was instrumental in the unification.

Makin has served in leadership roles in the printing industry worldwide since 1995, where he served as president and CEO of the Canadian Printing Industries Association, followed by his tenure with PIA in 2001. He has championed many successful initiatives and transitions, including representing the industry in important legislation and regulatory victories.

“We are extremely grateful to Michael for not only his years of service to our industry and the membership of PIA, and for representing the industry from international venues to the halls of Congress, but most recently for his embrace of the vision of PRINTING United Alliance and a coming together of the industry in body and spirit,” said Ford Bowers, president and CEO, PRINTING United Alliance.

“I have enjoyed traversing this vital journey of the SGIA and PIA merger in being involved in helping make the transition a smooth one,” Makin said. “I have been in the printing industry a very long time and am thrilled with the direction that Ford and the Alliance are taking the association.”

For more information, visit PRINTINGUnited.com.