Print to Celebrate Women in March, Women’s Print HERstory Month

Launched in 2019 by, Women’s Print HERstory Month returns in March of 2020. Girls Who Print is mobilizing women in the industry to speak up and share their career and success stories through social media.

Women’s Print HERstory Month coincides with Women’s History Month to align the telling of stories that inspire the females of print, as well as young women and students entering or considering the industry.

This mission also is a call to action to businesses across the print industry to put the female leaders who manage teams, develop technology and shatter sales targets front and center, and to share the achievements of these women in print with the world.

There are no limits on engaging with Women’s Print HERstory Month. Participants can create or share content in any form that celebrates the amazing women in the industry and broadcast it through social media with the hashtag #PrintHERstoryMonth. Content may be sent to Girls Who Print to post on their site. The Printerverse has a Girls Who Print podcast series, and many industry organizations have ‘Women in Print’ initiatives and events worth sharing in March.

Deborah Corn at Girls Who Print said: “Women’s Print HERstory Month is about women in print refusing to be drowned out by the male voices that dominate the narrative of our industry, and taking power for themselves by standing up and shouting, ‘This is what I do!’ Everyone can show their support by following the hashtag stream and engaging with the content. A ‘like’ or a reshare or a retweet is an acknowledgement that the achievements of women in print matter.”

Women’s Print HERStory Month isn’t just for corporations: print shops also need to set examples. Kelly Mallozzi, at Girls Who Print, explained why print businesses should share their female-led stories: “Simply put, you need to tell them and we need to hear them. The newer generations in the printing industry need all the help they can get in navigating their careers, building their development plan and setting themselves up for success. The more seasoned among us need to tell their stories because it helps shape the narrative of where we’ve been, where we are now and where we’re going.”

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