Baumer hhs Uses TeamViewer Pilot to Provide Fast Remote Support

Baumer hhs, Krefeld, Germany, has launched TeamViewer Pilot as way of providing efficient and effective support to their customers.

With TeamViewer Pilot, machine operators can use the camera on their smartphones to show Baumer hhs service experts the inside workings of their production systems. In other words, an expert on the Baumer hhs hotline can see exactly what a machine operator sees. Thanks to 3D object tracking, service experts can draw markers on the images, such as circles or arrows, point out details, add text annotations and share this information with machine operators via live video stream. It makes collaboration easy for both participants, enabling them to identify or rule out technical problems and discuss possible solutions.

“With TeamViewer Pilot, our service experts can effectively help customers resolve most technical problems that occur and get their production systems back up and running without delay. Should a customer still need on-site service, we can optimally prepare for it based on the information provided in the real-time visual support session. TeamViewer Pilot gives our technicians added options for maximizing the availability of our customers’ production machines. We highly recommend the remote service app for these reasons,” explained Roberto Melim de Sousa, head of sales at Baumer hhs GmbH.

A number of customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are already using TeamViewer Pilot for remote service from Baumer hhs, and the company is working to establish the app among customers globally. TeamViewer Pilot can be downloaded free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for iOS and Android smartphones.

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