Spiral Binding Launches Akiles MegaBind

Spiral Binding, Totowa, New Jersey, has released the Akiles MegaBind 2, combining the simplicity and commonality of plastic comb binding with the more professional metal wire binding.

The Akiles MegaBind 2 punches the standard comb hole pitch with 5/16″x1/8″ rectangular holes. This hole pattern makes it compatible with both standard plastic binders as well as special Spiral-o 19-ring twin loop wires.

It also has a comb opener/closer, as well as a wire closer integrated onto the machine, for a two-in-one solution on one small machine. The MegaBind 2 is made of durable all-metal construction with a 14” open-ended punching throat allowing for legal-sized documents and beyond.

For more information, visit www.spiralbinding.com.