Scodix Enhances 50 Million+ Cards in North America for 2020 Holiday Season

Digital print enhancement press provider Scodix, based in Israel, has announced record-breaking numbers of enhanced prints during the fourth quarter 2020 holiday season in North America. Scodix customers in North America surpassed a combined total of more than 50 million cards with personalized and embossed foils for the 2020 peak holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

Two main factors affecting Scodix’ success during the 2020 holiday season were the Scodix Studio Web-2-Print Automation Workflow package coupled with the Scodix Ultra Digital Enhancement Press throughput and reliability. The Scodix Studio Web-2-Print automation workflow maximized throughput by automating print data pre-processing, while the Scodix Ultra press printed continuously in three shifts daily during the entire period, ensuring on-time delivery.

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